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Photo Design
Web Design
Web Page
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This is my portfolio project. It is to contain eight of the projects which I completed in this class. This is to showcase the work I have done to be able to present it to someone wanting to see some of my work. It is also to show my ability to use repetition, contrast, proximity, alignment, font and color principles that we have learned through this class.


  1. The first part was to set up the document correctly with twenty, “8.5 x 11” pages with spreads.
  2. I then chose eight of my projects to display and chose the order I would display them in.
  3. I then started choosing fonts and colors. To choose the fonts, I create a word and then make multiple copies of it and then start adding font styles to it to see what I like. This time I went to https://www.fontsquirrel.com/and found a decorative font to use.
  4. I then worked on a decorative piece that I could use in my portfolio. I originally used green and maroon for the colors, but later changed the green to a navy blue color.
  5. Then I worked on the background and found an image that I could use in the background.
  6. Setting up pages was next. I first worked on the master pages to set up the page numbers and add the background and design to all pages. To take the page numbers off of the pages that I did not want, I used the technique we were shown in the video to use shift ctrl click on the number and it breaks the link. I learned that I could set up the description pages using the master pages so it was standardized from page to page. To change the content, I used the same technique of shift control click to be able to edit the information from page to page.
  7. Adding the images was not too difficult, but then adding all the descriptive information took a long time to write up and get it correct on each page.
  8. Then I spent a few hours revising each of the projects to make them better and then replacing the newer image in the document.
  9. Then I went through the whole document making changes as I felt necessary.
  10. I posted on Facebook for the review part.


  1. Murdock: Very nice Toni. I really like your very unique logo and I like how it ties in to the graphics that you have through the spread. Your alignment looks good. It looks like your table of contents header is the same weight as your body copy and it feels like it’s competing with each other. Maybe consider reducing the size of the body copy. On your spread page I think you’ll be okay just having your header of Infographics on the left page it seems a little redundant to have it on the second. I would also consider taking out the elements on the second page to really showcase your jpeg projects and increase the size of them to fill more of the page.
  2. Jones:  I love the decorative corners. Your logo is so cool! I love that you used your name. It looks great! I think the pages look good but could use some contrast. Good draft Toni!
  3. Sister Tranberg: Make a few changes to the cover page. She suggested that I make the logo larger and possibly use the same font from the logo in place of the script font. She suggested that I change the body copy on the Table of Contents to 9 to 12 pts.


I first changed the decorative fonts to Baskerville MT Pro to match what I had used for the logo. I made my logo the focal point of my cover page. I decrease the size of the font on the Table of Contents.  I took off the decorative parts and the title off of the right side pages to show only the project.



  1. I first fixed the alignment on the right and the left.
  2. I also aligned the barcode on the bottom with the page number
  3. I took the yellow circle out and changed the font to a yellow on Family History and added a drop shadow to make it stand out a little more.
  4. I changed Raising to the first line so it didn’t stand alone.
  5. I Capitalized Children to match all the other caps.

Business Letter and Card

  1. I changed the bottom of the letter to a solid yellow all the way across.
  2. I moved the write phonics up a little in the logo to give it a little more white space.
  3. I took the round yellow off of the back of the business card and added a yellow line for repetition.
  4. I move a few things around on the back business card and change font colors on some of the text.

Web Page Mock-Up

  1. I moved the middle section into alignment with the outer two columns.
  2. I moved the background of the columns to go all the way up and down from header to footer.
  3. I moved the small icons above the headers.
  4. I took off the drop shadow from the title
  5. I add a little more instructions to the title for the call to action.


  1. I did not make changes as I did not purchase the program so cannot get into the program to make changes.

Web Design HTML/CSS

  1. Instructions said that I did not turn in the correct file type.
  2. I did not make any corrections.

Photo Design

  1. I worked on the right and left alignment.
  2. I added Texas to the title.
  3. I created a drop shadow to make it easier to read the text.
  4. I moved the Texas star over.


  1. Instructions said that I did not turn in the correct file type.
  2. I did not make any corrections.


  1. I increased the size of the canvas. This allowed me to give a little more white space in the facts and graph areas.
  2. I made a few of the icons smaller and changed some of the wording under the icons.
  3. I moved “Fun Facts” down to take up some of the empty space.


I had worked with master pages before, but this was a good review. I learned how to break a link from the master page so that I could take off unwanted page numbers by using shift ctrl click. I also learned that you can start the page numbering in a different place than the very first page.


The message is showcasing my work I have completed from this visual media class.


My audience will be to people who would like to see my work.


Dual color scheme Maroon (R=82 G=0 B=6), and two shades of Light Blue (R=114 G =140 B=165), and dark blue (R=7 G=30 B=52).


  1. Title and headers: Serif: Baskerville MT Pro.
  2. Text: Sans Serif: Neue Haaas Grotesk 55 Roman.


Fresh Japanese maple leaves
Background image

http://www.shunvmall.com/leaf-wallpaper/47151716.html ShunVmall.com


Below is the presentation of my Portfolio for the end of class assignment.

Below is the video of my printed portfolio.


This has been a wonderful journey taking this class. It was stressful at times, but so exciting once I had finished each projects and to see what I learned along the way. The class has given me more confidence in my graphic abilities and has given me a greater desire to learn more about the Adobe programs and how to use WordPress better.


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