Outside – Four Fold

Below are two different ways of using the brochure; one full bleed on top and bottom; two full bleed on all sides.


This project was to create a brochure using the principles we have learned in the class.


  1. The first thing I did was to watch the videos provided.
  2. I did the layout set ups to learn how to create an 8.5” x 11” and an 18” x 12” layouts. In this set up I learned how to create grids to help in my design process.
  3. I then sketched my thoughts for a brochure.
  4. I then started with a wireframe.
  5. I then made a rough draft in InDesign.
  6. I picked a color scheme of purple/pink, blue and green.
  7. Then I started in InDesign.
    1. I created an 18” x 12” layout.
    2. I started with grid.
    3. I then added grids to divide the pages into four parts.
    4. Then I added grid lines to mark placement of text and other objects on the inside.
    5. I made a word document for the body copy and help me decide what I wanted in each section.
    6. I then started choosing images and pictures to use in my design.
    7. Then came the arduous work of finding photos, creating images, and then placing them in the brochure layout. This took hours of work and redesigning over and over.
    8. I finally placed it in the Facebook critique and got some wonderful suggestions on how to make it better.



 I made a simple sketches.

 See video

I created wire-frame in Photoshop.



 Jones: What a sweet idea! I love that you are honoring your grandmother. The timeline is really neat. I love that you have the pictures “cut out: into representative shapes. The inside is stronger than the outside to me. Just a suggestion, do you have any pictures of her when she was young just to change the cover up a bit? This is looking really nice.

  1. Angelo: Toni I absolutely love this! This is a really creative idea for this project and I really really love the timeline you created with images in the shapes. It really draws me in and makes me want to read the information. I love the little purple/pink flowers and how they are repeated on the front and back. Only things I would change is maybe the gradient on the front. Maybe just pick two shades of pink similar to the flowers so the gradient is more subtle. Also, it’s not always easy to see which image/text block goes with which date on the timeline so I try to use a little more proximity to make that very clear. Maybe just move the text and images a little closer to the dates they match up with. Especially on the first two rows. But overall this is really impressive and I LOVE it. I am really excited to see your final printed project when we are done.
  2. Sister Tranberg: She suggested that I needed some more white space and variety on the inside. She suggested that I use the darker blue for the background. Also, that I needed a call to action or something to tell people what was coming. I needed more alignment and structure on the time line. She also said I needed some subheadings.
  3. Adam Harper: He suggested changing the text to white so it would stand out better against the blue background. He helped me with the cropping of the flower to add to the design.
  4. Sister Tranberg: The second critique was that I needed to add the logo to the front and make an alignment change on the bottom inside from left to right and take the word “of” out of the title section. She suggested fixing the color of the subheadings.


  1. Changes, changes, changes.
  2. I changed the background to blue on the first page to match the inside cover.
  3. I changed the text to left align.
  4. I created a text wrap with the images.
  5. I fixed up the paragraph styles on the body copy, subheadings and dates.
  6. I changed the background color to a darker color.
  7. I changed the time line so I could have a little difference on the bottom of the page.
  8. I moved things around and changed pictures a few times.
  9. When I printed, I found I had to shift things a little so it would match up on the font and the back and not crop things off that I didn’t need.


  1. I learned more about text wrap, paragraph styles, cropping images, and how to make an image in InDesign to place a photo in.
  2. I also learned more about the importance of getting other people’s opinions and reworking a piece. It seems that after a day, I can always come up with some way to improve the design.
  3. I learned that it is best to give yourself a few days on any project and always get critiques from others. Each helps me think through the process and see ways to improve the project.


The message is a tribute to my grandmother that can be used at our next family reunion.


My audience is my extended family. My thinking was to use this for a family reunion, but it could also be used for a funeral, but might be a little expensive for this purpose, but would be a wonderful thing for family to be able to take home and keep.


Triadic color scheme green (18, 77, 39), blue(85, 128, 193), purple/pink (172, 70, 136).


  1. Body Text: font-family: Stemple Garamond LT Std, serif;
  2. Title and subtitles : font-family: Akko rounded Std, sans-serif;


Cattle Ranch
Crow Indians
Sioux Indians
Buckingham Palace
Grand Junction, Colorado
University of Montana Western, Dillon, Montana



  1. Cattle Ranch:
  2. Crow Indians: Junction:
  3. Sioux Indians:
  4. Buckingham Palace:
  5. Flowers:*&imgrc=HDvGumDT0ilpeM:
  6. University of Montana, Dillon MT:×643.jpg
  7. The church, the elementary school, my grandmother, the mercantile, the family photo, and the ranch are in my possession.




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