Infographics Project



This project was to create an informational chart that gives information about a topic of my choice. I chose the United States census since we just studied that in my other class and I found the subject quite interesting. There needs to be at least one graph on the chart.


  1. Picking a topic was challenging. I thought about doing something about vegetables and nutrients, but couldn’t come up with anything I felt was interesting enough. I then thought about the census and thought there might be some things I could do on it. I spent quite a bit of time researching this topic. I used Family Search Wiki, ancestry and the US government census sites to collect my data.
  2. I wrote down things I found interesting and realized that I could use the population information for a graph. I really found the information on the state census interesting and wondered how I could list this information and make it interesting.  I had the idea to do the United States and put the number on each state.
  3. I looked up color schemes online. When I saw the one with red and blue with a few shades of blue, I felt that would work well for a US theme.
  4. It took some time to pick out two contrasting fonts.
  5. I looked for pictures that I felt would represent the facts I had collected and then went to work trying to create my own original pictures.
  6. I found a US map and blew it up fairly large and then used the pencil tool to draw very quickly around each state. Then I had to go in with the direct selection tool to clean it up and get rid of empty white spaces between the states. This graphic took me the most time, but it was easier than I thought it would be.
  7. I then started drawing the individual fact pictures. I have more pictures, but felt it was getting too busy with the ones I chose to put on and near the end decided to create the ship for immigration as there were quite a few years that dealt with immigration and that is a rather significant thing to find in the census.
  8. The last thing I tackled was the graph. I followed the tutorial given to us about three-fourths of the way down. Then I read that we didn’t need to make them 3-D. I first created a graph using the graph tool and used it to create my own graph. I needed to make changes with size and placement, color and wanted dotted lines across my graph. This process took me awhile also, but I actually like creating my own custom graph.
  9. Below is the project that helped me learn more about using Illustrator e tools.
  10. 6ctoninorman_illustratorpractice
    sketch ideas of the graphics
    Layout design 1

    Layout design 2



  1. Angelo:This looks so great Toni! I found this really easy and fun to read. I like that you have lots of graphics and less text. It makes the information very easy to take in. I love your color scheme. It’s very appropriate for a Census infographic. I also love your graphics. I am really impressed with how good they look and I can tell you spent a lot of time making them. I would change your title so that it’s not on a squiggly line. There aren’t any other things like that in your design so I think it would look a little better to try to just have your text straight. Other than that it looks great!
  2. Bell: I also like it a lot. It doesn’t seem to busy and the color scheme is excellent for the topic. This is easy to follow. Great job!
  3. Your color scheme looks terrific; you’ve applied it well. In the middle section, the word census needs to be plural in the second sentence. Your graph looks great, but the legend was a bit confusing to me at first. You might want to use Population (in millions) as a title outside of the graph area, reverse the order of the two label items to correspond with the order the data appears, and group them closer together (within a pair of dotted lines).
  4. This caught my eye right away! You did a wonderful job with the map and graph. Your images are simple and really good and your info is to the point. The only thing I would say is the title is a little too wavy. I like to idea, it’s waving like a flag, but it isn’t as on point as the rest. The main titles could be bigger for more contrast. This is really cool though! I really love it!
  5. Adam Harper: He suggested changing the title to take the wave out of it. He felt that I didn’t need the lines to divide the sections. He felt I should move the Fun Facts title over to left align it.
  6. Sister Tranberg: Fix the title font and straighten it out, fix the alignment on the first section, add a bottom to end the graphic, and make changes to the chart to add a little character. Make the sharp corners more rounded.


I changed the title to the Garmond font, and left aligned it. I made major changes to the first section. I moved the title to left align it. I then left aligned all the images with the text of each section and then aligned them up on bottom and top. I redid some of the images to add some curve to them. I created little people design to give a little more character like population bar graph. I added a bottom section and added the sources I used for the facts in the graph.


I learned many facts about the census while researching. It was hard to limit the ideas I had as I wanted to put even more facts on the graphic. I learned how to use the convert anchor tool. I used the pencil tool for the state image and then used the direct selection tool to fix the white spaces. This was challenging, but I got better using this tool. I learned how to use the graph tool to create a chart and how to make it 3D for future use.  I learned how to change the size of the art board and had to redo this many times.

Like all the other projects, I learned that critique is an important process and giving myself time to think about how to improve the project is important.


The message is that United States census is a valuable resource for people wanting to learn information about their ancestors.


My audience is people interested in researching their ancestors.


Primary color scheme minus the yellow with shades of blue – Red (E70000), Blue (212556), blue shade (4C789F)and blue shade(99AAC2).


  1. Title and numbers: Sans Serif: Akko Rounded Std regular and bold.
  2. Text: Serif: Stempel Garamond LT, Roman, Italic and Bold.


Tropical Blue Ocean Water
Background for texture



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