Business Cards and Letterhead



Business Letterhead and Cards


Create a business card with a front and back, and a letterhead using the logo created in the previous exercise.


I first watched the video for the lesson and then watched a few other videos on using Illustrator. I looked at a few business cards and then started working on the project.


  1. The first step was to create the logo in the previous weeks assignment.
  2. I then created a file in Illustrator with three art boards, one 8.5 inches x 11 inches and two 3.5 inches x 2 inches. I started creating the business cards using the logo and the color scheme of red, yellow and blue.
  3. Once I had the business cards created, I then went to the letter head and tried reusing the same designs used on the business cards.


  1. We were to have at least ten critiques on our logo. I decided to put mine up on my personal Facebook account and was surprised to get 52 people giving me their opinion. I also got five opinions from class members. About 70% of the people from my Facebook account chose the red, yellow and blue design.  About 90% of my class members chose my purple design.
  2. I met with Adam Harper, the tutor. His main critique was to not use Comic Sans as one of my fonts.
  3. Debbie Murdocks comments on my design post was, “The top business card looks good to me. The last line of the address could be bumped up a bit to be in with the text across from it and it just looks like there is a gap above it. The other side of the business card is great your alignment looks good. Maybe take off the oval on the right of the stationary? The important info will definitely be your contact info. Also Make sure you line up your last line of your address on your stationary just off a few points. Overall I like the colors you have chosen for everything.”
  4. Sister Tranberg: Suggested redoing my logo so that I did not have so much detail. She also suggested that I use a different shape than an oval. I also needed to make sure that my text was not too close to the bottom. She also suggested that I change the font for Write Phonics so that I could use that font for the body copy.



I revamped my logo to make it much simpler. I used a different serif font and changed my yellow shape to part of a pencil.


I am learning that critiques are very important and that design work takes a lot of changes.


The message is a for people wanting a free phonics program to work with their children or those wanting to learn English.


My audience will be people who need an English phonics program.


Triadic color scheme – Red, Yellow and Blue.


  1. Sans Serif: Comic Sans
  2. Title and Body Copy: Serif: Microsoft Himalaya






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