Montage Project



I created a poster design using a background picture of a tree. I used a leaf wallpaper as an under lay.  I then found a picture of a treasure chest and masked it into the picture.  I then added family photos and some text to create the Design.


  1. My first step was to choose a theme. Since I love family history work and this month is the big family history conference in Salt Lake City, Roots Tech, I decided to create a design promoting family history work.
  2. I first found a picture of a tree.
  3. Then I found a wallpaper picture of leaves to place underneath to give it texture.
  4. I then searched for a picture of a treasure chest. On each of my pictures used the size tool to find large size pictures.
  5. I then searched for family photos that I wanted to add to my design.
  6. The text was the next thing. I came up with a title and used colors from the treasure chest.
  7. After the title, I wrote down many statements about doing family history and then picked the one I liked the best. Again, I used colors from the treasure chest to give it contrast to the green background.
  8. The sky was a little to white and washed out looking so I used the paint bucket and gave it a light blue color.


I first watched the video on how to use Photoshop. Much of this was new to me. I then followed the instructions to learn how to create the train montage project. This took me a long time, but I gain skills in using Photoshop especially in masking from working on this project. My husband happened to walk in just as I was finishing this and said, “Did you do that? That looks really good.” That gave me confidence that I was learning and able to create something worthwhile.

Train Montage Project


  1. I had my husband look at the design. He helped me make some changes to the theme statement, the text and the blue sky coloring. I sent a copy of it to my family in my weekly email and got the response that it was good.
  2. I posted it on the class Facebook account and got back the following messages:
    1. Catherine Flores: The big thing that stands out to me is how close your text is to the edge. It should probably be moved up. Hopefully that doesn’t make it hard to read. This is a cool idea!
    2. Missy Jones: Great idea! I think you could actually crop the images further out so that there is more blending going on in the trees. Does that make sense? Your text is a little lost. It might be cool to bring the text into the middle more. Beautiful pictures!
  3. I met with Adam Harper, the tutor. He showed me how to use the drop shadow and soften the dark lining.  He also encouraged me to find a color scheme. He showed me how to fix up some of my photos and how to get a better focus in the middle.
  4. Sister Tranberg: Suggested that I use only one photo, and work on the drop shadow so that there wasn’t white space between the letters and the shadow. She felt the green was too bright for the theme. She felt the theme was fitting.



I changed from five to three to one picture in the end. I changed the location of my text and made multiple changes to the text. Adam helped me add a black layer to darken the bright green color and give more light focus to the middle. I redid the blending many times to try and not get a hard edge and help it blend better.


Doing the train montage took me a long time to follow the tutorial, but I finally figured it out and found that creating these masking pictures is quite fun and gives an interesting effect to the design.

I continue to learn the importance of text and making it fit with the design by the use of typefaces, fonts, sizes, and colors. Adding effects like a drop shadow helps the text to stand out a little more.

I have come to like Photoshop more from this exercise and have learned that this is a powerful tool and I have a lot more to learn from it.


The message was work on your family history.


My audience will be people who need encouragement to work on their family history.


Analogous color scheme – Green (a3d39c), brown (8c6239), yellow (f2c909).


  1. Our: Sans Serif: Verdana regular
  2. Ancestors: Decorative: Lucinda Calligraphy
  3. Statement Text; Sans Serif: Verdana regular and italics
  4. Text has a drop shadow on it.



treasure chest

leaf wallpaper texture for underlay

Isaac and Viola Kephart family photo

Personal family picture



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