Photo Design



I created a poster design using a picture that I took and then matching color scheme with the fonts and the design.


  1. I first took some pictures around my house. There was a beautiful sunset and I kept trying to capture a nice sunset picture. I like a few of the pictures, but wasn’t convinced that I wanted to use any of them. I went in to work on dinner and noticed that the sunset colors had deepened.  I ran out in the backyard and snapped two more shots and the second one I got was the one I chose.
  2. My sister and her husband were coming to visit from California and it gave me the idea to create a poster to encourage people to visit Texas.
  3. I tried designing in Photoshop and gave up and went to Illustrator. I designed the “Visit Texas” circle in Illustrator.
  4. I used the eye dropper to find colors from the sunset that I felt went together. I looked at a color chart and found the four colors I liked were two complimentary colors and they were exactly opposite from each other. With a little searching I found this is called a square color scheme.
  5. I added the png of the design I had created and worked on the placement of the design. It stood out in the right bottom corner because of the dark background contrast.
  6. I then worked on small saying and wrote down many different ideas and came up with “The Land of Beautiful Sunsets”. I chose gray and it was all on one line.
  7. I first started with small squares for my color theme. I then thought that stars would go better with my them. I tried making a few stars in Photoshop, but again went back to Illustrator.
  8. I placed my first draft on Facebook and then did a tutoring session and was given some good ideas so made changes to my font quote. I made the circle in the right corner a little smaller. I placed my stars in a square shape and change the font size and some to italics.


  1. I had my son look at my design. He gave me the suggestion on the placement of the script at the top of the page.
  2. I had my daughter look at my design. She made suggestions on the placement of the circle more to the bottom of the page.
  3. I met with Adam Harper, the tutor. He suggested I use two lines and make some contrast with the second line to the first line. He also suggested that I keep the sans serif font, but find a different one. He also suggested that I use solid colors for the color scheme stars; no outlined stars. I changed the letter to two lines, changed the color of the second line and italized  the font. I also decreased the size of the color scheme and changed its color.
  4. Debbie Murdock: What a beautiful picture! I like your Texas symbol and how you repeated your color scheme with the stars also. It was a seamless transition. My eyes didn’t catch the title on the top. It could stand out a little more maybe playing around with the sizes or something making the focus words “Beautiful sunsets”. The colors of the photo are so beautiful.
  5. Jennifer Turner: I like the repetition of the stars. That’s a neat way to get your scheme in, and it ties to the idea of Texas. Wonderful photo. Maybe try the Visit Texas logo somewhat smaller. I found myself resenting that it competed at all with the gorgeous sunset.
  6. Sister Tranberg: Crop the picture, no outlines, improve the title font.



I cropped my picture on the bottom, changed my stars to have a background, made changes to my Texas circle, and put my title theme on two lines, varied the font and its color.


I loved this assignment. I found that it takes multiple shots to get a picture I like. I found the value in choosing a color theme that goes along with the picture. I learned more about using two different fonts and how to obtain contrast by using the same font, but either changing the color, the font weight, changing font format or a combination of these to get some contrast.  Placement of each item to get good balance is also important.

I am learning that doing a draft is important.  Soon after I finish it seems I think of ways to make improvements.  Getting critiques from others really makes a difference.


The message was to visit Texas because it is a beautiful state to visit.


My audience will be to people trying to decide if they should travel to Texas or not.


Square color scheme – Purple ( 35 31 32), orange (254 93 54), yellow (255 210 85) and grayish blue (188 183 151).


  1. Title and text: Sans Serif: Segoe UI, regular, semi bold and italics
  2. Design: Decorative: Imprint MT Shadow




Image is my own.



One thought on “Photo Design

  1. Wow, that sunset is breath-taking! I think you did an excellent job with the focus of your shot. I love the contrast that the tree creates against the beautiful bright sunset. Also, I love how well you incorporated your color swatches as stars, They truly seem like part of the design!


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