Six Photo Shots


Light Photos:

1. Outside Light

Outside: I took this photo about 5:45 pm in Haslet, TX in a friends backyard. I took about 10 shots to get this one. I first focused on the sky and while holding the button down half way moved it towards the tree and then took the shot. By using the image adjustments, I brought out the sunset colors a little more.

2. Inside Light

Inside: This picture was taken on a kitchen table with the overhead light on it.  I was using a friends camera and he suggested that I try taking a picture of some of his camera equipment.  This was a challenge to get all the items in, get the right lighting, and get it at an angle that I liked.


3. Background Focus

Background: This picture was taken outside about 6:00 pm in Haslet, Tx using an F4.8 shutter speed. The picture was cropped and slight adjustments were made using the image adjustments tools.

4. Foreground Focus

Foreground: This picture was taken outside about 6:10 pm in Haslet, Tx using an F4.3 shutter speed (I think this is what it was called and I might have gotten this backwards). The picture needed more cropping than the previous picture and I used very few image adjustments tools.


5. Rule of Thirds

Thirds: This picture was taken about 6:20 pm in Haslet, Texas. I used more image adjustments on this photo than the other photos.  I increased the red on the bench to make it stand out a little more.

6. Lead Room

Lead Room: This picture was taken about 5:30 the day after the other pictures were taken. It was taken with a Canon Power Shot camera rather than the very expensive Canon camera my friend had. I used the image adjustment tools to darken the picture and highlight some of the light in my daughter’s hair.

Comments: I have a daughter who is a wonderful photographer. She just moved away from home and I really wished she was here to help me. My husband just received a new Fuji camera from his work, but neither of know how to use this camera.  I called a friend who has a very expensive Canon camera. He spent an evening teaching us about the shutter speeds, the rule of thirds, lighting, using Photoshop and a multitude of other things that was way over my head. He helped me with the first five photos and then I took the last one of my youngest daughter with her Canon Power Shot camera. I haven’t had much interest in photography, but after this exercise, I am excited to learn how to use my husband’s new camera and see if I can improve my novice photography skills.


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