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I was to design a Prezi presentation with 10 to 12 slides to convince a client to use Prezi presentations in the future.

PROCESS: (Programs, Tools, Skills, Focus principles)

  1. I first watched the videos provided in the lesson material for last week and this week.
  2. I did the slide redesign project to help me learn how to create quality and concise slides.
  3. I sketched out a design on paper. See below.
  4. I used power point to quickly design my slides.
  5. I used InDesign to design a cover slide.
  6. I watched a few video on Prezi.
  7. Then I signed up for Prezi.
  8. I started designing on Prezi to put my presentation together.
  9. I soon found I needed some pictures, so took some pictures.
  10. I looked through my family pictures and found a few to use.
  11. I searched for pictures online.
  12. I chose my colors and fonts and put the presentation together.





I met with Adam Harper on Adobe Connect.  He was able to help me fix some of my slides and showed me how to share the project. He liked my two different fonts, and said the colors were good for my project. He picked up on my idea of having slides set up like rows of a garden.

Critiques from classmates:

I had no critiques from classmates this week.

Critique from Sister Tranberg:

She commented that I should have a better background color on each of my slides, and align my titles for the slides to the left or right. She liked that I used pictures with myself actually working in the garden.


I had to figure out how to change the color of the background for the slides.  I found a color I liked, but it then gave a strange color to my title of the project. I had to create an image in In Design, save it as a jpeg file and then put the text on top of it to get the color I wanted for the background.  I chose to left align the slide titles.  I first tried a left and right alignment on every other slide, but did not like it and felt the left align was better. I also needed the pictures to stand out a little more against the new background so figured out how to frame each picture.


I had never heard of Prezi Presentations so this whole project was a learning experience. I found some of it familiar to Power Point, but with differences.  I liked how easy it was to create slides and add text.  One thing I couldn’t figure out was figuring out the text size so that I could standardized the titles.  I liked the grid layout that made it easy to make my slides matching. Creating slides was fairly easy.  I would like to have been able to duplicate slides, but couldn’t figure out how to do that.  I copied and pasted my title and tomato with the type to get duplications.

I found this assignment challenging, yet fun. I didn’t really like Prezi when I first saw it, but the more I worked with it and seeing other’s presentation has changed my perspective on it.


The message of my presentation was how to plant and grow a garden. I was hopeful to encourage others to want to plant a successful garden.


My audience will be for those wanting to learn to grow their own garden and to do so successfully.


Complementary – Red and Green, the colors from the tomato.


  1. Title: Sans Serif: Arimo
  2. Text: Serif: Sanchez


From the internet:

1.plan   2. plantingdays_digging  3. planting-seed.jpeg  4.vintage-vegetable-seed-packet-printable_423775

5. watering-the-new-garden_jpg  6. Basics-for-Planting-a-Vegetable-Garden.jpg


. Images by Cherisha Norman:

pastic_cover2   pastic_cover1

Images by Steve Norman

tillingmanure   manure_dump   IMG_3380.JPG   img_3350



3 thoughts on “Prezi Presentation

  1. Toni, I’m in a different Comm 130 class, but was checking out other posts on the blog roll. I really like your Prezi! The rows of slides are clearly reminiscent of the rows in your garden, which is a very fun and organized layout for your presentation. I really like the simplicity if each slide. It breaks down each step into a bite sized piece that can be managed by anyone. The consistency of your layout from slide to slide is excellent! Nice work!


  2. Hi Toni! I really enjoyed your Prezi! I have really been wanting to plant some raised bed gardens in our backyard and this was very helpful information. I can tell you have some experience with gardening. I also really love your blog! Did you take the photo of the flowers at the top? It’s a beautiful!
    Here’s a link to my blog:
    And here’s a link to Catherine’s Blog:
    You should check out her Prezi! It’s about making cookies and the Prezi is actually inside a cookie…so cute!!


  3. Great Prezi! I enjoyed the photos and the concise tomato comments that added information. Cute idea. I like that you went with one alignment. Your layout was well sketched out. I hadn’t thought of using Powerpoint to set up the slides. I wonder if I would have had better success trying that way. I’m filing it away for future consideration. I like the colors you used and the background.

    Here’s a link to my blog:
    And one to a classmate’s:


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