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I was to design a magazine cover feature myself with a self-portrait as well as three articles that describe myself.

PROCESS: (Programs, Tools, Skills, Focus principles)

  1. I first watched the videos provided in the lesson material for last week and this week.
  2. I then tried to look at samples of magazine covers and found this is a dangerous thing to do on the internet as many of the magazine covers are pornographic in nature.  I didn’t spend too much time looking at covers for this reason.
  3. After folding a piece of paper into four pieces, I began my sketching process of four magazine covers.
  4. Then came the creation of a shape map on InDesign.
  5. I scanned my sketches and saved this as a jpg document
  6. I saved my shape map as a jpg document.
  7. Using the sketches and the shape map, I began making my magazine cover. This was a fun process though it was a bit time consuming. I designed and redesigned and asked family members for some critiquing at different stages of the design process.
  8. After saving a jpg copy of the magazine cover, I posted it on the class Facebook page.
  9. After looking at other classmate’s designs, reading comments and making a few comments, I was back to redesigning my magazine cover.


I asked my daughter and my husband for their thoughts and ideas in my first draft process.  After posting my first draft on Facebook and reading the comments given and seeing other’s designs, I redesigned my page.

Critiques from classmates:

Missy Jones I like the colors! The line on the right edge of your picture is a little severe. I think if you right aligned the picture and then left aligned the text it would give it a more structured look. I like your headlines.

Madelyn Okamoto I really like the colors you have chosen! It does feel a bit scrapbooked though. Maybe try adding some larger font in a place or two, and make your picture bigger?

Jess N Zach Angelo This looks great! I love your title and how they overlap a little. You can tell this was done with purpose and the colors go very well together. Blue and yellow is one of my favorite color schemes! I also love how you choose certain words to “highlight” each article so you can easily scan the cover and get an idea of what the articles featured are about without having to read every word on the page. The yellow circle with the family history article is great too (I did something similar on my cover!) however the text seems a little crowded to me. If your circle wasn’t cut off right next to the text and continued “off the page” it would look nice. Also, I would remove the strokes from “nine”, “violin”, and “education”. Maybe it’s just my personal preference but I think sometimes leaving the text a little more simple, especially since you have lots of other graphic element on the page, would look great. But overall you did a fantastic job! Can’t wait to see the finished product!

I really appreciated their comments and did make changes to my final magazine cover to improve many of these things others noticed.

Critique from my daughter:

My daughter liked the colors, but felt it was too 80’s like.  She felt I needed in increase the size of the picture.  She also felt that I had too much information on the page.

Critique from Sister Tranberg:

She felt the color and alignment were good.  She suggested that there be no text outlined, and to watch for widows and orphans in the text.  She suggested that the picture be moved to the right to align with the edge and try to improve the cropping of the picture so it wasn’t so jagged.  She also said the gradient should be one color. The yellow circle needed to run off the page.


I removed some of the articles and moved the three remaining to be left aligned. I removed the texted outline and made sure all ending text contained at least two words. I took the yellow color out of the gradient background. I redid my yellow circle so it would run off the page. The biggest challenge was trying to learn how to improve the cropping of my picture. I think this will take me many more tries, but I did redo it and I increased the size and moved the placement of the image to the right.


I learned the value of alignment, proximity, contrast and repetition.  I fell into the category of novice and loved to center align things before, but in doing this project I tried to align things right and left.  I was also very tempted to have slant some text, but did not do so as that is not good design work.  I really enjoyed learning a few more tips on InDesign like using the “W” key to toggle between view and layout pages. I also learned how to create swatches which makes it so much easier to match colors, but I tend to continue to use the eye dropper a lot. I learned more about setting up the InDesign document pages.  I also learned how to mask and crop pictures in Photoshop.  I am not very comfortable with Photoshop and I was very grateful to my son and daughter who both helped me with cropping out pictures and the video we were given to watch. I definitely need more practice with this tool, but I was able to get the basics of the masking and cropping.


The basic message was to introduce myself and hopefully give article titles that would encourage people to read more about me. My three titles that I ended up with are:

  1. Education for all Stages of Life: This article would review my educational background and how I have found all different ways and things to learn through the years. Some examples are  college education, to home study programs, ham radio licensing, learning to play an instrument, etc. No matter what stage of life we are in, we can be learning.
  2. Mormon Mom raising nine children: There are challenges to raising children. Having nine children has been a joy and in many ways less expensive than raising one or two children.  In this article, I would share some of the mothering tips I have learned along the way.
  3. Time Ticking Family History: Family History has been a love of mine since I was a teenager and it continues to captivate my interest even more now that I am older. I have drug my children through libraries, government repositories, cemeteries and to visit numerous relatives through the years. There is something everyone can do at all stages of their life to work on this incredible miraculous and spiritual journey of family history.


My audience will be my classmates in my Communications 130 class to introduce myself. If this were to be published, then my audience would be to families and especially to mothers.


Complementary – Honey mustard color, RBG 255,196,4 51,88,134 and Turquoise blue, RBG 51,88,134.  The best way to describe the colors is cub scout colors.


  1. Sans Serif: Swiss 721 Blk BT; Black and Italic
  2. Old Style: Minion Pro; Regular, Bold, and Bold Italic






2 thoughts on “Magazine Cover

  1. Hi Toni! I think your final product turned out great! I looked back at your rough draft and you made some amazing improvements for your final draft. You took out a lot of the things that made it look “scrapbooked” as Madelyn put it and it looks a lot cleaner.

    Here is my blog post:
    Here is Greg’s his is really fun!


  2. I really like the changes you made to this! The photo changes look great and I like how you shifted the title down a bit to even out the space around it. Cutting down on the articles looks like it helped a lot, and with your name in yellow over the blue it really stands out now. Nice work! 🙂

    My blog:
    And I thought you might enjoy Debbie’s as well:


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