Thanksgiving Week

We worked more on optimizing our websites this week.  We learned about improving our landing pages and ways to improve our websites to improve search engine optimization.

My struggle is to improve the home page.  I moved many things off the home page and moved them to the “About Us” page.  I was finally able to add a link to YouTube so people could view my power point on how to use the website.  I also add some quick links so people could quickly view a sample workbook, coloring page, and activity page.

I also made changes in some of the text by changing the wording and changing the color and size of some of the text.  It had been awhile since I had actually worked with html and I am getting more comfortable with it.  I am still struggling with the CSS and finally just used inline styling to make some of the changes.  Since this will be the only page with those effects, this should be just fine and easier to make the changes if needed in the future.



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