Week of Nov 16-21

This week we learned more about tracking our ad campaigns and using Google Analytics for tracking information on our websites.  I am learning to get around better and becoming more familiar with Adwords and Google Analytics.

On Adwords, I can add and delete keywords, and ad campaigns.  I can read the data that it gives me.  I just don’t understand what all the data it gives me means.  I don’t know if it is good or bad other than I do understand that a good quality score is 6/10 or better.  I am beginning to understand that a good quality score is how high an ad is ranked and the amount of money you bid.  I still feel in the dark though how this really helps my website if at all.  According to Google Analytics, it doesn’t seem to really be helping, but maybe I am reading the reports incorrectly.

I feel like it will take months to learn how this all works together and wonder if it is worth the money or is this just a gimmick by Google to take lots of people’s money and give them hope that it will help more people get to their website?


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