Week 4

Sight designing was the first part of the week.  We studied this every week of my web design class.  There is a lot to think about in designing a website.  One the most important things to me is the navigation of the website.  It is challenging to figure out just how you want your pages and how to link them so that it is easy to build the site as well and most importantly so the customers can find their way around your site.

One thing I learned is that I can create a canvas page in In Design that is 783 x 398 pixels to design my pages.  This is similar to the largest screen that it might be viewed on by customers.  While looking into this, I also found that I can design in In Design and there is a way to export to Dream Weaver.  Something I need to look into.

We also learned about credit card usage on websites.  We looked into different options especially Pay Pal.  I looked into Amazon.com and found that I liked this option more.  It looks like their services have no other fees except a percentage of the sale item plus a .30 cent charge for each transaction.   Amazon is newer at this service than Pay Pal, but I think I would prefer to work with them because I feel like most people have Amazon accounts and use Amazon if they are online purchasers whereas Pay Pal is just an account you have to create to exchange money.


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