9 Oct 2015

We learned about site builders and hosting companies.  I learned that most hosting companies are also site builders, and most site builders also provide hosting.  There is a lot to look at when searching for either one of these services.  I liked Wix.com.  It looked the easiest to me, but most people in my class chose to use Weebly.com.

I will be using my phonics program for this class as it is already up and running, but we need to learn how to increase the traffic coming into the program and if there are any other affiliates like Amazon.com that I can put up on the site to help bring in some income from the site.

I also looked at Expressions (web building tool) by Microsoft.  I watched a few tutorials and it looks fairly easy to use.  They offer a free download of Dreamspark another version of Expression to students.  I tried downloading it and it did not work.

I looked at netbeans as a text editor, and see a few advantages to using it rather than word pad.  Netbeans has numbers for the lines and makes sure you have ending tags, but other than that it seems to be about the same.

I have started watching a few Dreamweaver training videos through Lynda.com.  Since we already have Dreamweaver, I think this is what I need to learn.  I like the design view, but also have the capability to work with the coding or at least see the coding that is being created.  I hope to create the next website using Dreamweaver.


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