3 Oct 2015

This week we learned about wholesalers and manufacturers.  I found that is fairly easy to look online and find international wholesalers, many from China that you can set up accounts with and purchase items at wholesale. Some of the websites with list of international brokers are alibaba.com, globalsources.com, and smallvolume.com.  You can also just do a Google search to find wholesalers. We were given this link to learn about finding wholesalers; http://onlinebusiness.about.com/od/findinggoodstosell/a/buy-wholesale.htm.

We also learned affiliate marketing and drop shipping.  We made comparisons to the pros and cons of using each of these in a case scenario of selling acoustic guitars.  Affiliate marketing is placing ads on your website to other marketers.  If someone makes a purchase then you get paid a percentage of the purchase.  Examples are  Amazon.com, ClickBank3.com,  Click Booth, Sharesale, Commission Junction, Google, etc.

We also learned how to use excel to rank things using a formula to be able to put in your own criteria, give things a rank of 0 to 10 with 10 being the highest and make comparisons to different options and come up with a ranking system.  This is a great tool and I feel I will use it in the future for many different things.


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